“Two of my favorite people and favorite musicians; Mary and Steve Thornburg!! They are pros who want their audience to have a good time, music is swingin’ and perfect for whatever you have in mind.”

Karrin Allyson FIVE-TIME GRAMMY® Nominee

“This band really grooves!  They’ve mastered a wide variety of styles and make sure everybody has a great time.  I love listening to them and especially enjoy “sitting in” and jamming.”

Kevin Pike Musician/Composer

“My go-to trio for gigs large and small.  They lay down a great groove and are incredibly supportive.”

Michael Lyon
(Not yet a) FIVE-TIME GRAMMY® Nominee

Soldiers of Soul

In 2002 Soldiers of Soul created a synthesis of funk, rock and jazz that was to become one of the most popular and inventive groups in the midwest. Their eclectic music has ranged from thrashy jazz-funk to Hendrix-laced neopsychedelic rock to tuneful, catchy 90’s pop.

Soldiers of Soul rank high among Omaha’s most electrifying live acts, described by drummer Mary O’Keefe as “a whirlwind of spontaneous rapport, locked in with a cosmic hardcore soul groove.”

Hot tunes for a hot night at Rockbrook. You all burned it up tonight! We loved it. Posted by Annette Sarazine-Jensen on Friday, July 24, 2015


The Steve Thornburg Trio Beginning their 4th year of a monthly residency at Gorat’s, Omaha, The Steve Thornburg Trio’s musical personality forms a beautiful blend. First and foremost improvisers, Steve, Dan and Mary cherish the surprise and wonder that can occur from a spontaneous musical idea that is expressed directly, in real time. From straight-ahead jazz tunes to re-envisioned standards & pop, the trio is a new experience with every single performance. A favorite trio for events from weddings to corporate gatherings, The Steve Thornburg Trio’s extensive song-list is sure to please everyone. Here, Michael Lyon joins the trio at the Holland Center.